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Steffen Ufer

Founding Partner

Attorney at law, certified specialist in criminal law

Steffen Ufer is one of Germany’s best-known criminal defence lawyers.

He studied law at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich from 1959 to 1963. He completed his practical training with an 8-month scholarship as an assistant to the European Commission of Human Rights in Strasbourg. During his practical training he worked in the at that time still small law firm of Rolf Bossi. From 1970, Steffen Ufer was a partner for 35 years in what became one of Germany’s most successful criminal law offices, “Bossi-Ufer-Widmaier”, later “Bossi-Ufer-Ziegert”.

Areas of the law covered:

During his career spanning over more than 40 years, Steffen Ufer has acted as defence counsel in thousands of both high profile and less well-known criminal defence proceedings.

One could name here amongst other cases the defence of the Oetker kidnapper Dieter Zlof, Jürgen Bartsch and many prominent individuals (Konstantin Wecker, Rainer Fassbinder, Ottfried Fischer, Professor Dr Werner Mang etc.).

His involvement on behalf of a number of convicts condemned to death in the USA, e.g. the LaGrand brothers and the Apelt brothers, should receive particular emphasis.

Amongst many white collar cases, the defence of the Wienerwald founder Friedrich Jahn and of Karl-Heinz Wildmoser senior stand out most. Steffen Ufer also defended the principle defendant in the European long-distance heating cartel and the key figures in the so-called initial Siemens corruption proceedings surrounding the Munich sewage plant. He is currently defending several Siemens managers in the ongoing “Siemens Affair”.

Advice provided in:

German and English
Basic knowledge of Italian, Spanish and French