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Prof. Dr. h.c. (Durham-UK) Wolfgang Schomburg

Of counsel

Criminal law is no longer an exclusively national issue. National borders, in particular within Europe, are fading away. Council of Europe, Schengen and the European Union have substantially contributed to this development, not without inventing new tools of cooperation in criminal matters. The same goes for the global level governed by permanently new treaties shaped by the United Nations. Consequently there is an ever increasing need for legal counsel in matters of international and transnational criminal law. This not only applies to the victims and suspects of transnational crimes, but also to persons who fall prey to the exploitation of international cooperation mechanisms, thus becoming the targets of extradition requests, searches and seizures or asset freezing. Specialist knowledge and international experience is therefore a vital requirement if one wishes to offer clients legal protection and face foreign or national courts and authorities on eye level.

Also embassies and consulates, who have the duty to provide diplomatic services to their citizens in Germany, are increasingly seeking legal counsel. For these reasons, the law office Ufer Knauer Rechtsanwälte has reinforced its expertise in this area with the addition of Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Schomburg, a renowned leading authority in the field of international cooperation in criminal matters. Prof. Dr. Schomburg prepares expert assessments on behalf of the law office and advises and represents clients as of counsel.


Professor Schomburg began his legal career as a Public Prosecutor, Judge and Senior Public Prosecutor in West Berlin. At the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall he served as Undersecretary of State at the Senate Justice Department for West Berlin and later for the joint Senate Justice Department for the reunited Berlin. From 1991 he moved into private practice and was counsel to numerous prominent international and national clients from business, politics and church.

Advice provided in:

German, English and Danish