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Global Criminal Law Counsel

Dr. Florian Ufer


Attorney at law, certified specialist in criminal law

Certified adviser in criminal tax law (DAA)


Dr. Florian Ufer is an experienced criminal defence counsel and a founding partner of Ufer Knauer Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB. He is a certified specialist lawyer for criminal law and criminal tax law.

Dr. Florian Ufer specializes in white collar cases and regularly represents national and international business leaders. Dr. Florian Ufer’s expertise is sought by multinational business enterprises and global financial institutions for criminal liability risk assessments and the establishment or modification of regulatory compliance systems. He supports banks and businesses carrying out internal investigations and advises them in their management of internal breaches of law and misconduct. Dr. Florian Ufer provides expert on-site legal representation to international clients involved with German tax authorities, prosecutors or supervisory bodies, thus enabling an efficient and effective handling of cases. He is counsel to business leaders and decision-makers in all stages of criminal proceedings as well as to executive bodies of multinational organisations charged with violating their supervisory duties.

He currently represents former and serving management board members and senior executives in internal and external investigation proceedings, in particular in relation to Deutsche Bank’s various legal cases, VW in the so-called emissions scandal and the Eurofighter corruption allegations.

The JUVE Handbook of German Commercial Law Firms 2013/2014 describes Dr. Florian Ufer as “highly qualified, fast, reliable”.

Dr. Florian Ufer completed his law degree at Munich University in 1998, after studying sociology and psychology at Kenyon College in Ohio/USA in 1990/1991 as a scholarship holder and assistant at the Institute of German Studies. He completed his PhD in 2001 at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main under Professor Dr. Ulfried Neumann.

Since 2010 he is himself a lecturer, involved in the training of certified specialist lawyers in criminal law.

Co-Founder of the international lawyer’s network association Global Criminal Law Counsel (GCLC).

Areas of the law covered:

Dr. Florian Ufer’s primary field of expertise lies in all areas of white collar crime; providing counselling to corporations and executives in all matters of criminal law, including criminal law aspects of civil disputes.

He also leads cases relating to corporate compliance, criminal due diligence and internal investigations. As an experienced defence counsel for commercial and financial offences he regularly represents clients facing criminal tax charges or in voluntary tax disclosure proceedings. He provides legal counsel in all financial, stock or capital market related crimes under German, European or International law.


Dr Florian Ufer is an advisory member of the Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsstrafrecht und Haftung im Unternehmen externer link (ZWH) (Magazine for white collar crime and liability in companies).

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Counsel provided in:

German, English and French
Basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian