Criminal Defence

Criminal investigation proceedings are a significant intrusion into the everyday life of the defendant. Especially in cases where the investigating authorities impose their severest measure of pre-trial detention, proceedings can have a serious effect on the defendant’s professional and private life. In crises of this kind, we see ourselves responsible for managing not just the proceedings but also private and professional communications on behalf of our clients. This also includes the management of media relations since it plays an increasing role in the  prosecution.

A successful defence relies on extensive knowledge of current developments in the law, case law on the relevant provisions as well as the consequent application of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Strafprozessordnung).

Narcotics Law

The number of criminal proceedings relating to narcotics offences is on a constant rise; in addition, due to various legal reforms, the range of punishable offences in this field has also increased in recent years. It is therefore essential in this field to have a strong, strategic defence, capable of uncovering the prosecution authorities’ procedural mistakes and failures to differentiate lawful and unlawful, often covert investigation methods.

Juvenile Criminal Law

Juvenile criminal law does not so much focus on the question of an individual’s guilt but educational aspects. Despite this noble aspiration, in recent years the juvenile courts as well as numerous changes to the Youth Court Act (Jugendgerichtsgesetz, JGG) have driven the increasingly harsh treatment of juveniles in criminal proceedings.

Capital Crimes

Capital crimes encompass all premeditated homicides. Murder carries a life sentence. The sentence can be exacerbated through preventative detention subsequent to imprisonment if the court deems this necessary due to the particular seriousness of the defendant’s guilt.

Sexual Offences

Proceedings involving sexual offences are highly sensitive and have the potential to attract considerable public and media attention. Often a conviction for rape or child abuse is dependent on the statement of a single witness. In addition, the press often only too willingly and quickly labels the defendant as guilty perpetrator. Even an acquittal or the termination of proceedings at times cannot save the defendant from the life-long sentence of being branded a “sex offender”.

Road Traffic Offences

Anyone can quickly find themselves having to answer to accusations relating to traffic offences. Traffic offences typically include endangering road traffic, driving under the influence of alcohol or substances, the dangerous interference in road traffic or hit and run. In the wider sense, road traffic offences can also comprise crimes such as insurance fraud, failure to render assistance, insult, coercion or involuntary manslaughter.